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The Hudu Learning Approach

Improving your situation shouldn’t be unmanageable. You have unique challenges and opportunities in time, budget and career goals. Your education should pave a ready path for getting precisely where you want to go, starting from day one.

Constraints on time and money are the top two reasons students choose to forgo their education. Hudu seeks to make education possible for everyone through a proven learning management and delivery system that allows you to make the decisions that matter. Whether your educational goals include qualifying for another career, improving your income opportunity, supplementing your industry knowledge, or simply learning something new, Hudu was built to take you where you want to go.

Our Commitment to You

Hudu’s learning model and courses are accredited by the Regional Accreditation Institution, AdvancEd. That means you’ll never be sacrificing quality for convenience and customization. No matter your specific path, we’ll deliver an education you can count on in the real world with numerous opportunities to demonstrate your skills and build a valuable portfolio of work along the way.

Our Accreditation means that all the pieces of our organization work together to serve the best interest of our students. You are our focus, and your success is our biggest goal.

Your Education, Your Choices

At Hudu, your education is truly your education. Our learning paths and courses are designed to offer you exactly what you need and want to learn. You’ll never be forced to take courses that don’t apply, or prerequisites that never seem to have an aligning investment and reward. Every step of your education is truly up to you.

So how does that work? Exactly the way it sounds.

While we offer full courses across a variety of education topics, our learning paths allow you to take precisely the classes and segments that are relevant to you. That means you can enroll in an entire program, divide your courses into select modules to help manage your budget and time, or take a class here and there across different programs as you desire.

Our Students

We love that we’ve been able to service so many different types of students. From corporate professionals, to serial entrepreneurs, to students looking for alternative career options or supplemental education, we’ve been able to help students across all walks of life prepare for their next chapter and achieve their learning goals. Let us help you achieve yours.

Need Advice?

We’ve got friendly and knowledgeable advisors standing by that can’t wait to learn about your unique goals, and help you chart a path to reach them.

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The Hudu approach to business is centered on business ownership. Our business curriculum is based on and delivered to current business owners and future business owners. We take a practical, proven approach that is not based in theory; by teaching with the end in mind, student education and learning becomes transitional to real-world application.

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Entrepreneurs serve a vital role in our society. At Hudu, our flagship program is designed to guide entrepreneurs to generate ideas, and then plan, launch, and grow their business while creating relationships that add value.

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At Hudu, we offer training to our students in a myriad of essential and marketable IT/IS disciplines and programming languages. Whether you’re a newbie jumping in, or a seasoned developer who wants to expand your knowledge and skills, our students are provided with over 1300 high standard courses in all areas that are relevant to the IT industry.

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